Puerto Rico’s 1st Farmer to Farmer Conference

The first Farmer to Farmer training conference to be organized in Puerto Rico by the Alliance for Agriculture: Coloquio de Agricultoras y Agricultores is scheduled to take place soon. The purpose of the Conference is to bring farmers together, recognize their efforts and build a road map for the sector’s growth. It is essential that agricultural systems work with and for the benefit of the people, land, air and water.

The strength of these events lie in their emphasis on peer-to-peer education. The objective is to create a space for open and direct dialogue among experts. Each participant is an expert with a unique set of experiences and ideas to share. And, as we come together as a group, we become stronger as individuals.

Program : 16 themes, 54 hours of workshops
t1 - Conservation Practices: Soil, Water and Air
t2 - Scaling: Production, Processing and Marketing
t3 - Farmers Markets, Restaurants and Dist. Systems
t4 - Access to Land: Financing, Trusts, Landshare
t5 - Best Practices: Farm Resilience and Biodiversity
t6 - Cooperativism, CSA’s and other Solidarity Models
t7 - Community Health & Education
t8 - Animal Husbandry
t9 - Agrotourism
t10 - Artisanal Fishing
t11 - Energy and Water Systems
t12 - Ancestral Farming Practices
t13 - Beyond Food: Fibers & Wood
t14 - Urban farming
t15 - Agroforestry
t16 - Seeds
Dalisa Cuevas, Manager
Yanna Muriel, Director
Miguel Marxuach, Producer