La Botica de la Tierra

Our mission:

To set the example as a remarkable, diversified human scale agricultural model, while providing the know how on technical skills necessary for community members to succeed in their personal quest of providing themselves and their communities nourishment, economical possibilities and resilience, while making possible for us to have a profitable human scale farming venue.

LBDLT is a diversified agriculture model with three main components

1. Agricultural:

The production of farm goods in agroforestry and silvopasture systems managed to sustain life through regenerative practices.

2. Educational:

Our extensive educational program ranges from soil management, agroforestry and silvopasture design, animal husbandry in the tropics as well as workshops on added value through processing of farm products and the multiple possibilities in terms of marketing for the small farmer and homemaker entrepreneur.

3. Conservationist:

This third component is the heart and soul of our venture, as it sets the principles for our every day work ethics. As farmer, forester and educator, LBDLT strives to provide a solid stewardship model on land management practices that enhances biodiversity and sustainable economic dynamics.