Puerto Rico Regional Food Business Center

Coordination | Technical assistance | Capacity building

The Alliance for Agriculture (A4A) manages the Puerto Rico Regional Food Business Center, thanks to a collaborative agreement with the US Department of Agriculture administered by the Hawaii Good Food Alliance and Virgin Islands Good Food Coalition (Virgin Islands Good Food).

The purpose of the Centers is to strengthen local food systems through their support to farmers, ranchers and other food-related businesses that have been underserved, in underinvested communities.

Our Center is part of the Islands and Remote Areas section of the program Islands and remote areas RFBC, which also includes Hawaii, Alaska, Mariana Islands, Samoa, Guam and US Virgin Island.

Puerto Rico shares several challenges with these places, like geographic isolation, food transport logistics, underdeveloped infrastructure, extreme climate change impacts, and colonial history. We also share legal issues which generate a complex combination of barriers for the creation of resilient food systems and local and regional economies.

Each center works on supporting a food system that responds to the best interests of their local communities, reflecting their culture, and respecting their history and the specific circumstances of each place.

In Puerto Rico, our Center focuses on creating capacity in six areas: production, aggregation, distribution, added value, market development, and access to finance. We do this through three programs: coordination and connection; technical assistance of different types; and capacity building through grants.

Proyecto Camposofia Proyecto Camposofia

We are inspired by a sense of urgency, to uplift the voice of the community and to support each other in the task of ensuring all people in our archipelago have access to healthy locally produced food.

To learn more about each of the Centers in the Islands and Remote Areas section, visit: Islands and remote areas RFBC.

Proyecto Camposofia